Our secure Alfresco based Intranet/Extranet solutions are designed to facilitate information exchange and collaboration between your offices and your dealers, vendors, affiliates, remote offices and employees in the field. From documents exchange and project management, to processing orders and online training and certification, our Intranet/Extranet solutions expand your website into a powerful enterprise tool.


  • Flexible-Publishing-Workflows

    Flexible Publishing Workflows

    Choose a single single approval manager, multiple approval managers or designate an entire group to approve content prior to it being published. Flexible Publishing Workflows gives you the ability automate publishing and approval to get content approved on your corporate Intranet.
  • Version-Control

    Simple Administration

    You can't rely on your IT department to handle every aspect of administration with your intranet. This is simply too much to ask, and it will take them away from other important tasks. Our intranet solution allows for simple administration that can be handled by employees and those in managerial positions.
  • Forum-&-Commenting-Capabilities

    Forum & Commenting Capabilities

    Social intranets are all about fostering strong internal communication between employees and colleagues. As you might expect, then, our strong social intranet solution will allow for threaded communication in forums or commenting, which comes along with many benefits.
  • Forms

    Forms, Forms, Foooorms!

    Internal company forms are vital to an intranet that will actually be used. Employees are above all concerned with getting compensated and managing their benefits. Forms for employee health benefits, expense claims and maternity/leave requests are always the most trafficked areas of the intranet.
  • Employee-Directiory

    Employee Directory

    The clear benefit of a well organized employee listing is accessing information from the right person to achieve your job responsibilities. Most want to search by name to get a quick listing of contact details. Our Intranet solution allows companies to publish employee directory to facilitate this.
  • Clean-&-Meaningful-Design

    Clean & Meaningful Design

    The design of your company intranet is one of the most important focal points, as it can have a dramatic effect on user experience. We take pride in designing intranet solutions with users in mind ensuring that it is well-designed and is clean and minimalist in nature.


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