Vital documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, technical papers and other content are crucial for success. Yet, many organizations have documents stored all over the place — on desktop computers, network drives, email, USB sticks and in various consumer file sharing sites, Alfresco's powerful enterprise document management system is the answer.


  • Access-Document-on-the-Go

    Access Documents on the Go

    A free mobile document management app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, Alfresco Mobile enables you to view all the content stored in your Alfresco. With the Alfresco Mobile app, users can unleash the full potential of mobile process support. The app allows users to take part in document-centric workflows, completing tasks anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy-Access-to-Content

    Easy Access to Content

    Securing documents is one thing, but people still need to be able to find and use the right content to do their work. Powerful search helps find key information within seconds. Filters and tags allow users to refine search criteria to reduce the number of documents returned - making it easy to find the right document
  • Zero-Foot-Print-Clients

    Zero Foot Print Clients

    By adopting industry standards interfaces (i.e. CIFS, IMAP, the SharePoint Protocol, etc.), it requires no client-side installation, downloads, or plug-ins. Alfresco operates in any browser - Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. . With support for CIFS and WebDav, you can access files in Alfresco just like a shared network drive.
  • Security


    Alfresco allows system administrators to set user and group permissions to control who can read and who can modify documents.Users can hide folders or files from specific users, or provide read-only access to certain content. All files and folders can have individual permissions set allowing for precise granular control of content.
  • Workflow-Management

    Workflow Management

    As businesses are highly dependent on accurate information that can be accessed quickly and easily from any location, our Workflow Management solutions accomplish all of these needs. Our secure workflow management solutions increase the efficiency of your business by reducing overhead costs, increasing the effectiveness of communication and ultimately improving profitability.
  • Simple-Administration

    Version Control

    Versioning is a process by which documents are checked in or out of the document management system, allowing users to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point. Versioning is useful for documents that change over time and require updating, but it may be necessary to go back to or reference a previous copy.


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