Alfresco comes with a set of predefined workflow definitions which can be used right out of the box. For more complex requirements, we possess the expertise to assess your organisation needs and business processes and convert them to an electronic workflow.


  • Reporting-tools

    Reporting Tools

    Workflow Management System's reporting tools allow users to generate reports based on the data stored in the database relevant to the workflows implemented for the organisations. These reports can be exported to CSV, XLS or a PDF file with the template the user's choice.
  • BUsiness-Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Our workflow management system is equipped with business intelligence which is capable of analising data and presents actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions (and accomplish workflow tasks).
  • Audit-Control

    Audit Control

    Our workflow management system keeps a record of and archives all the workflows that have ever been completed in the system. This allows organisations to keep track of all the documents that have been approved/rejected along with the date and time of all the actions taken.
  • Workflow-Tracking

    Workflow Tracking

    Our workflow management solution allows users to track the progress of the workflows that they have started. It tells the details of the review with which the document is being held. The workflow engine keeps track of the date and time at which the reviewers take their action.
  • Serial-and-Parallel-Review-and-Approve

    Serial and Parallel Review & Approve

    Our workflow management solutions allow users to start serial review and approve processes which traverse the document in question from one reviewer to the next if they are approved. On the other hand the parallel review and approve allows users to send to documents to group of users for review.


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