We ensure that all the right the steps are taken while selecting the correct ERP solution for our clients. We are not affiliated with ERP or other software vendors and thus have no vested interest in promoting a particular ERP system. It enables us to pursue an unbiased approach in our recommendations of ERP vendors and software packages.


  • Audit-Control

    Decision Analysis

    Utilising a systematic, quantitative and visual approach to addressing and evaluating important choices confronted by businesses by utilising a variety of tools to aid in the decision making process. The objective of a decision analysis is to discover the most advantageous alternative under the circumstances.
  • Print-Logs

    Solution Assessment and Validation

    Assessing proposed ERP solutions to help stakeholders select the solution which best fits their needs. These assessments are backed by comprehensive and thorough document detailing each and every aspect of the ERP in question. These reports come in handy while presenting it to the management.
  • Workflow-Tracking

    Enterprise Analysis

    Taking a business need; defining that need, identifying gaps in current capabilities that stop that need being met; then if change is required, to propose and approach and scope for finding a solution and building the case to justify the ERP in question.
  • Flexibility-scalability,-and-intuitive

    Business Analysis

    We perform set of tasks and techniques derived from the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK) that are used to perform business analysis.These techniques helps us to assess your organisation's business needs and determine solutions to business problems.


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